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It's Nearly Time for Rainmaker 2019: "Distributed Leadership" - and what a line up!

Rainmaker/ˈreɪnmeɪkə/ – a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds.

Things are getting exciting in Passle Towers as we are now less than a week away from our second annual Rainmaker event:  "Rainmaker 19" which is on the afternoon of Thursday 27th June, 2019.

We are pretty much full up but have had a few late drop outs so if interested please drop me a note on and we can send you a link to get one of the last few tickets.

This year's theme is Distributed Leadership.  How do you give the tools, training and confidence to your wider team to enable them to go out and lead for your organisation and how can you create and retain more Rainmakers all across your firm or team.

Last year we had some amazing speakers and a great audience last year - have a quick look at the highlights from the event including snippets from all our speakers:

The video below is the full presentation by one of our keynotes, Kenny Logan, Owner of Logan Sports Marketing & Former International Rugby Player.  If you get a spare 20 minutes it's definitely worth a quick watch of his inspirational presentation on his lifetime battle with Dyslexia and how he managed that with becoming a professional rugby player, successful businessman and reality TV star!! 

 This year looks like it's going to be more of the same.  This year's superb line up:

Helen Bevan OBEEnabling Change & Change Leaders in the NHS

, Chief Transformation Officer at NHS Horizons:  

Katie Nagy de NagybaczonCulture & Diversity

, Corporate Partner at CMS:  

Andy WestThe Changing Public Face of the Firm

, Chief Development Officer at Hotwire:  

Ben Ryan“Beautiful Chaos” – Fiji's Olympic Dream 

, Olympic Gold Medal Winning Fiji Rugby 7’s Head Coach:  

If you coming, we look forward to welcoming you to the event and indeed for drinks on the roof top bar, we have hired just across the road, after the event.  All will be very welcome! 

To grow and differentiate themselves, firms are finding that they need to adopt new approaches to leadership. Organisations are looking at how they can create more leaders and effectively distribute the responsibility and capacity for growing the firm. Rainmaker 2019 will analyse how many of the world’s leading organisations have embraced distributed leadership as opportunities to drive growth through empowering more leaders, promoting inclusiveness and fostering diversity.


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