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New year, new challenge

New Year’s resolutions aren’t for everybody.

Maybe you feel like you want to do something for the New Year, but you don’t really want to set resolutions. Fortunately, New Year’s resolutions aren’t your only option. As with almost everything else in life, you have alternatives.

For example you can choose to create a bucket list or give yourself a personal challenge for the year. Or choose a word to guide you throughout the year. such as: discipline, fun, active. 

You can also use these New Year Prompts

  • One habit I’m going to build this year:
  • One habit I’m going to break this year:
  • One person I’m going to spend more time with this year:
  • One thing I’m going to create this year:
  • One adventure I’m going on this year:

Good luck with whatever you do! :-)