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| 1 minute read

Why Feedback Matters

We always stress the importance of feedback for our clients and imparticular for our strategic and operational contacts here at passle. Often we are trying to help drive behavioural change amongst some of the busiest people in the working world and regular feedback is really the fuel that helps achieve this consistently when it comes to helping them produce regular, authentic insights.  I stumbled upon a very helpful article that highlights 4 distinct ways that feedback helps improve workplace performance.

1: It can provide direction.  

Helpful when looking to set success metrics individually or in a team.  It keeps people accountable and allows them to understand where they are in terms of the overall goal.

2: It motivates.  

We normally talk about positive and constructive feedback that can often be used to encourage teams and individuals to reach objectives set.

3: Improves individual performance.  

Feedback can be given to a team or to an individual with the outcome often being that the individual raises their game to the benefit of the overall team.

4: Encourages engagement.   which in turn improves performance 

Feedback should be delivered from both sides to be effective and it can often then increase communication and collaboration

Bringing it back to how it works successfully at passle, we often help produce a nice visual feedback 1 pager that lists topline stats and key engagements for the busy authors to digest.  This keeps the feedback loop going and importantly motviates them to keep on producing content whilst making our marketing and BD contacts look great at the same time.


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